Increasing the Client Engagement Through Your Website

Conversion and SEOLooking for ways to increase client engagement? There are some unique strategies available that you can easily employ on your website that will help to grow your customer base and increase customer retention. The best part is these strategies are simple to employ, so try one and see if you get the desired result, and then keep at it throughout the year to have that steady stream of targeted traffic at your website.

Here are some simple client strategies, from Charleston’s SEO gurus over at onQsites, to try on your website.

Everyone loves something for free. Why not give something for free today and see how your sales pick up as a result. If you are selling blank tee shirts, offer new customers the chance to get one free shirt to test the quality. maybe you offer social marketing strategies, give customers a few week trial of the service before having to commit. The idea is to get them inside to test drive the items, so they come back and buy at a later time.

Let visitors to your website know that they can easily reach you outside the normal avenues. In addition to phone and email support, inform visitors you can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social avenues. When a visitor knows they can reach support directly via multiple streams, they are more likely to trust your business.

Show customers that you really do care about them. When a customer places a second order, email them a unique thank you. After so many orders, reward buyers with free gifts or discounts on services. On certain times of the year, reach out with a personal message of thanks to these buyers so they feel like you genuinely care about more than their money.

Give customers an avenue on the website to voice their concerns. Reward these customers for taking the time to share their experiences. Learn from what these customers tell you, and make an effort to obsess over treating future customers even better. If a customer is going to take the time to give you insight as to what is working or not working with your company, be prepared to offer them a reward that will encourage them again to speak up.

With so many other businesses in your niche, it is easy for a buyer to simply leave and shop elsewhere. When they are treated exceptionally well and shown you care about them, they go from being a customer to a loyal client.


Saving Money When it Comes to Buying Your Boat

If you can take some time to reconsider rushing into that amazing boat deal and consider all the money you could save up front, you will be able to stretch your money much further. Consider for a moment all the costs with operating a boat outside of the initial cost, from marina fees, storage, winterizing, repairs, maintenance, a trailer, safety equipment, fuel, insurance, and licenses, now is the time to start looking for ways to save money before you head out to find that boat or yacht for sale.
Yacht for sale
The following tips will ensure you still get a great boat but that you get to keep some of the green stuff in your pockets too.

Start calling around to local marinas to see what they charge per month to keep your boat docked there. Depending on the facility, the price can be drastically different. It might be worth it to drive a few extra miles to save a few hundred dollars a month. Compare this to the price of getting a trailer and just taking the boat out of the water each trip.

Before you write that check, take in a local boat show and really immerse yourself in this lifestyle for the day. Not only will you hear about great deals from the manufacturers on hand, the variety may sway you to going with a different style boat that is much cheaper than the vessel you had your heart set on.

Pay close attention to Craigslist or the classified ads in your local paper. These ads are from people who may have only owned the boat a few months but need to get out of the deal for whatever reason. This is your chance to really negotiate a good price if the boat is to your liking.

If negotiating a price with a private seller, take a look at all the accessories they have already purchased and see if you can get everything for one low price. Many times in the excitement of getting the boat, this first-time owner will spend a fortune on a new trailer, safety equipment, fishing gear, upgrades, stereo system, and toys for the water.

Buy small first, if you find you love everything about boating, then you can easily sell and move up to a bigger boat later. It is harder to buy big and then find an eager buyer to get you out of the deal.

These money-saving tips for getting your boat will allow you to make the most of your boating experience and still have all the things you need to create those cherished memories.

Staging a House for Attracting Lightning Fast Offers

Homes for Sale CharlestonWhen it comes to real estate trends, most people think that they need to stage their home for just the open house, but the truth of the matter is that you need to start this process as soon as you sign a contract with your realtor because you are going to have people walking in right out of the gate. The minute your house hits the MLS listing, realtors from all over will be bringing their clients to try and get a jump on the offers.

If you want a lightning fast offer, states Premier One a leading Charleston SC homes for sale provider, staging needs to begin as early as possible in the following manner:

1. The number one thing that you can do to attract more offers right out of the box is get rid of all that clutter. Look at it this way, you are going to have to box everything up anyway, so the sooner that you start moving your stuff the better. Rent a storage unit for a few months and get as much boxed and moved as possible. The key is making the inside look bigger than it really is, and less clutter is the key.

2. Get working on boxing up any personal pictures of the family hanging on the walls. The trick here is that you want the house to look like one of those model houses you see in a new development, where everything is neutral and you can imagine yourself living there. You want to give you potential buyers the chance to get emotionally connected to the house by making it as easy as possible for them. The last thing they want to be looking at all those find memories your family has, it doesn’t allow them to connect.

3. Hire a landscaping company to come to your house and trim the trees, clip the bushes, cut the grass, and put in some new plants too. Curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to develop an emotional connection, so while you are packing up the inside, let the professionals get working on cleaning the outside.

4. Now that the boxes are packed, get a cleaning company to the house to steam clean the carpeting, wash the windows, polish all the tiles, and wax the hardwood floors. These experts will clean all your upholstery and make the house look and smell amazing too.

These staging tips will allow buyers to fall in love with your house and want it before anyone else has the chance to see it.