Increasing the Client Engagement Through Your Website

Conversion and SEOLooking for ways to increase client engagement? There are some unique strategies available that you can easily employ on your website that will help to grow your customer base and increase customer retention. The best part is these strategies are simple to employ, so try one and see if you get the desired result, and then keep at it throughout the year to have that steady stream of targeted traffic at your website.

Here are some simple client strategies, from Charleston’s SEO gurus over at onQsites, to try on your website.

Everyone loves something for free. Why not give something for free today and see how your sales pick up as a result. If you are selling blank tee shirts, offer new customers the chance to get one free shirt to test the quality. maybe you offer social marketing strategies, give customers a few week trial of the service before having to commit. The idea is to get them inside to test drive the items, so they come back and buy at a later time.

Let visitors to your website know that they can easily reach you outside the normal avenues. In addition to phone and email support, inform visitors you can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social avenues. When a visitor knows they can reach support directly via multiple streams, they are more likely to trust your business.

Show customers that you really do care about them. When a customer places a second order, email them a unique thank you. After so many orders, reward buyers with free gifts or discounts on services. On certain times of the year, reach out with a personal message of thanks to these buyers so they feel like you genuinely care about more than their money.

Give customers an avenue on the website to voice their concerns. Reward these customers for taking the time to share their experiences. Learn from what these customers tell you, and make an effort to obsess over treating future customers even better. If a customer is going to take the time to give you insight as to what is working or not working with your company, be prepared to offer them a reward that will encourage them again to speak up.

With so many other businesses in your niche, it is easy for a buyer to simply leave and shop elsewhere. When they are treated exceptionally well and shown you care about them, they go from being a customer to a loyal client.